Commercial Services

By enrolling in the One Program, you invest in the future rather than pay for the past.  The One Program helps you project your expenses and bundle the work, resulting in a manageable and cost-efficient maintenance plan.  You can never eliminate all of the surprises that go with owning property, but you can minimize them with PFM’s One Program.

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Quarterly Inspections

The heart of Piedmont Facilities Management’s services is keeping your building looking and functioning as it did on its first day. On a regular schedule, PFM will conduct a thorough inspection, indoors and out. Our written report will note items requiring immediate attention, as well as those that can wait a little longer. Items that you have pre-approved for servicing (replacing light bulbs, adjusting door hardware, replacing outdated fire extinguishers, etc.) will be automatically handled by our technician. Other items that you want PFM to complete later will be scheduled at your convenience and billed at our current labor rates.

Equipment Maintenance Report

Piedmont Facilities Management will inventory all of your mechanical systems to create a comprehensive report. This report will list all of the important information – serial number, model number, warranty, maintenance schedule, and life expectancy – for each piece of equipment. This maintenance report will serve as the one-stop source for fast, responsive, reliable service.

Fiduciary Services

Piedmont Facilities Management can help you collect rent, make deposits and pay your bills. Another convenience to help you concentrate on the things you need to get accomplished.”

Maintenance & Repairs

You can fully enjoy your surroundings when you leave maintenance and repair worries to the experts at Piedmont Facilities Management. Whether you prefer we work on a “Time plus Materials” or “Lump Sum” basis, your one call to PFM ensures worry-free maintenance of your building.

Emergency Help

As a client of PFM, you can call us day or night if you have an emergency. We will help you get the resources you need to take care of the problem and follow-up after the emergency has passed to make sure your property is returned to original condition. PFM can work with your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.